Saturday, January 01, 2005. 8:14 pm
My list reborn after its death.

This is a list of 100 inane things about me. Some items may come as a shock; other items might just be general knowledge.


  1. Everything I do or say has an underlying meaning.
  2. I hate when people do things ďjust becauseĒ.
  3. There is no ďjust becauseĒ.
  4. Storms have always inspired me.
  5. When I was younger I actually wanted to see a therapist.
  6. I find great beauty in the result of destruction.
  7. Iíve been analyzing the stability of human character since I can remember.
  8. The buzzing sound of an insect scares the crap out of me; not the actual insect itself.
  9. Talented people inspire me to be more.
  10. I love to blast classical music.
  11. I find screwed up creatures to be adorable.
  12. Everything is situational.
  13. All Iíve ever wanted was a space to call my own.
  14. I want nothing to do with rude, shallow, or irrational people.
  15. Medieval torture devices greatly appeal to me.
  16. Torture devices of any kind appeal to me.
  17. I have a strong undeniable attraction to shoulders of both genders.
  18. I am also strongly attracted to the hips of a female.
  19. Iím eclectic in every referable way and in every sense of the word.
  20. Everything I write is half-fiction.
  21. I know more than you think I do.
  22. I know less than you think I do.
  23. I donít often contradict myself.
  24. My first kiss was a French kiss.
  25. People often assume me to be much older than I am. Both online and in real life.
  26. I donít believe in a God.
  27. I am not an atheist.
  28. I am certainly not a Catholic.
  29. People who canít spell or use grammar correctly turn me off.
  30. People who know when to be humorous and when to be serious turn me on.
  31. People who know how to dress themselves turn me on.
  32. People whole know how to conduct themselves turn me on.
  33. Different opinions help to spark conversations between others and I.
  34. People who know how to argue their points well turn me on.
  35. I have numerous incomplete collections of various items.
  36. ďLittle thingsĒ bother me.
  37. I often feel the need to ďshow people upĒ.
  38. Being called strange is a compliment.
  39. The sound of silverware clashing has always made me shiver.
  40. Manipulation is my forte.
  41. Trends piss me off.
  42. My handwriting is uniform and pretty, but leaves a lot of people wondering what the hell I wrote.
  43. I wanted to be a stripper when I was growing up.
  44. I still do.
  45. Inconsiderate people piss me off.
  46. Iíve never taken a piano lesson, but I taught myself how to play.
  47. I was asked to sing a solo in the church choir before they had ever heard my voice.
  48. I was asked to paint a mural in my school when I was 14.
  49. I would love to take a formal belly-dancing class, yoga class, or kick-boxing class.
  50. Iím unable to run anymore because I fucked up both of my knees three separate times and my ankle once.
  51. I also canít jump anymore from those injuries.
  52. I have a rare heart disease that affects me from time to time.
  53. I have arthritis, but I am still extremely flexible.
  54. Iíve never actually studied. I donít feel that I need to.
  55. I was attracted to women long before I was attracted to men.
  56. Iíve written down humorous remarks from a certain teacher and saved them to this day.
  57. I make such a good first impression that I can never stand up to it.
  58. Feedback makes me happy.
  59. Blogging keeps me sane.
  60. I hate when people disregard what I say.
  61. I once lost 40 lbs. in one month.
  62. I honestly donít like children.
  63. Or small dogs.
  64. I like the people I meet online better than the people I know in real life.
  65. Iíve had a need for glasses since the second grade.
  66. I finally got contacts six years later.
  67. I find smoking to be irresistibly attractive.
  68. Caffeine and most other drugs have no affect on me.
  69. Iíve been reading the tarot since the age of seven.
  70. Being ordinary scares me.
  71. I hate sports and couldnít care less.
  72. I donít know what it is to be thin.
  73. Acceptance has always been a major part of my life that I just canít seem to shake.
  74.  Iím able to ďreadĒ people with ease.
  75. I sympathize better than anybody could understand.
  76. Iíve never done drugs and donít intend on doing them.
  77. Somehow people always find me to be intimidating.
  78. Finding things out from other people makes whatever it was mean more to me.
  79. I notice the most minute details.
  80. I used to hate my first name.
  81. Iíve grown to love it.
  82. Iíve always wanted to go sky-diving.
  83. Even though I like to observe, I always have something to say.
  84. Regardless if I say it.
  85. Iíve been researching the essence of religion since the age of seven.
  86. I enjoy caring for exotic pets and plants.
  87. I will always be a struggling artist sucking on a cigarette and holding a half-empty coffee mug in her hand.
  88. Iíve been 23 since I was 13.
  89. I love sushi.
  90. And vanilla pudding.
  91. I donít hibernate during the winter.
  92. Instead I am reborn.
  93. I enjoy incorporating surrealism into everything.
  94. Iíve never been shown any real support.
  95. I donít trust.
  96. I expect people to screw things up.
  97. Everyone in my family has dark hair and dark eyes.
  98. I am the only blonde one with blue eyes.
  99. Iíve been called a tease much too often.
  100. I suggest you to make use of the forbidden fruit.

January 11, 2005   03:56 PM PST
I'm commenting on this post, you know... just because.
January 6, 2005   03:21 PM PST
The correct word I was looking for was "suspected"..not learned. :p
January 6, 2005   03:20 PM PST
Very insightful. Just about everything I've learned about you over the past year was just validated. :D
J f Z
January 4, 2005   11:48 AM PST
Each item is but a penny in the dollar of our reasons to admire you.
January 3, 2005   02:16 AM PST

Sorry i was never able to find the answer to the Wallace an d Gromit cartoon.
January 1, 2005   10:18 PM PST
I await your answer, Messenger. I can tell that you are on the right path.
Sinister Ninja
January 1, 2005   09:07 PM PST
I did ;)
Dr. God
January 1, 2005   08:16 PM PST
These aren't the original items. The original list was lost to a random virus scan that my computer decided to take. This is the list after two more days of the drawing board. I hope you enjoyed it.

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