Wednesday, July 07, 2004. 4:14 pm
Void conflicting.

My thoughts are ripe for the picking. Dare I voice them aloud. I need to clear my head. Lend me some fresh air and Iíll escape through the backdoor as to go unseen. Iíll take my leave and give you the space you so deserve. Although Iíll hang onto this here invisible thread that Iíve tied myself to you with. You canít cut what you canít see.


And no, not everybody is the same. You have proven that statement true just by being who you are. Youíve opened me up so many times, and in so many ways... Youíve shown me things that I didnít think existed. I have fallen so hard into love that I can barely get up off my face.


The written word is a glorious thing; slipping possible meanings behind letters and emotions atop punctuation. But we wonít have any of that nonsense here. Not, not at all. Take it as thou wilt.

July 8, 2004   03:07 AM PDT
so many brilliant people on blogdrive. You are a treasure; a sparkle of hope for the future world.
July 7, 2004   08:57 PM PDT
Fascinating, inspiring, absolutely beautiful!

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The work of a woman
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Often moody,
but nothing conventional.
Inspired by actual occurrences,
built to entertain.
Not always work safe.
Never mundane.
Donít be shy.
Watch your step;
all is fragile here.


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